Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa / New Zealand
World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA)  


Annual General Meeting

The Association holds an AGM usually in conjunction with the Annual Conference (see below).



Forthcoming ASAANZ Conferences

The Association holds an annual conference. The venue for this conference rotates between a number of different centres.

40th Annual ASAA/NZ Conference
40 years on: Does anthropology really need a theme?
25-27 November 2015, Massey University, Palmerston North.
The call for papers closes at the end of September 2015.


ASAA/NZ (formerly NZASA) Past Annual Conferences

The Association has held an annual conference since its formation in 1975.

39th Annual Conference
Cosmopolitan Anthropologies
10-13 November 2014

38th Annual Conference
Ethnoscapes, Culturescapes: Anthropologies for the Present
1-3 December 2013

37th Annual Conference
Anthropology and Imagination
8-10 December 2012

36th Annual Conference
Knowledge and Value in a Globalising World
5-8 July 2011, Perth, Western Australia

35th Annual Conference
10-12 December 2010, Rotorua

34th Annual Conference
Re-thinking Community in Contemporary Anthropology
13th - 15th December 2009, University of Otago.

33rd Annual Conference,
Ownership and Appropriation
A Joint International Conference of AAS, ASA and ASAANZ
8-12 December 2008, Auckland

32nd Annual Conference
Taboo: The Forbidden / Forbidding Subject of Anthropology
16 - 18 November 2007, University of Waikato, Hamilton,

31st Annual conference
Bracketing (Belief)
9-11 November 2006, University of Canterbury

30th Annual conference
Beyond Ethnography
24-26 November 2005, Victoria University of Wellington

29th annual conference
Translations, treaties and testimonies: The cultural politics of Interpretation
3-4 December 2004, Auckland,

28th Annual Conference
Anthropology and Expert Knowledge: Celebrating the Life and Works of Sir Raymond Firth
2003, University of Otago

27th Annual Conference
Whose Home? Thinking about Anthropology, Home and Indigeneity
2002, Massey University (Albany)

26th Annual Conference
2001, Massey University (Palmerston North)

25th Annual Conference,
Anthropology in Times of Risk
2-3 September 2000, University of Waikato

24th Annual Conference,
Displaying culture
1999, University of Auckland,

23rd Annual Conference
1998, University of Otago :

22nd Annual Conference
Culture, heritage, and development
30-31 August 1997, University of Waikato

21st Annual Conference
:Displacing anthropology
1996, Massey University

20th Annual Conference
26-28 August 1995,Victoria University of Wellington

19th Annual Conference
Revisioning the family
22-24 August 1994, University of Auckland

18th Annual Conference
Cultural management from above and below.
21-23 August 1993, University of Waikato

17th Annual Conference
Teaching Anthropology in the 1990s.
26-28 November 1992, Massey University

16th Annual Conference
To be or not to be?"; the anthropology of identities and the identity of anthropology.
27-29 November 1991, University of Auckland

15th Annual Conference
The politics of interpretation
23-26 August 1990, University of Waikato

14th Annual Conference
Fieldwork and home/ fieldwork at home - reflections on the uses of fieldwork.
21-23 August 1989, Victoria University of Wellington

13th Annual Conference, 1988, University of Auckland 23-26 August

12th Annual Conference, 1987, University of Otago, 26-28 August 1987

11th Annual Conference, 1986, University of Waikato (at the Waahi Marae, Huntly)

10th Annual Conference, 1985, Massey University, August 1985

9th Annual Conference, 1984, Victoria University of Wellington, 23-25 August 1984

8th Annual Conference, 1983, University of Auckland (simultaneous with the University's centenary conference)

7th Annual Conference, 1982, University of Otago

6th Annual Conference, 1981, University of Waikato

5th Annual Conference, 1980, Victoria University of Wellington

4th Annual Conference, Hawkes Bay Community College (Taradale), 20-22 August 1979

3rd Annual Conference, University of Otago, 23-25 August 1978

2nd Annual Conference, Massey University, 24-26 August 1977

1st Annual Conference, Victoria University of Wellington, 25-28 August 1976.
Theme: Ideology and belief systems in change

Precursory Conference: Conference of University Teachers of Social Anthropology, University of Auckland 12-14 May 1975